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Body percussion

Use of our bodies as a unique percussion instrument!

By percussing our body parts either against one another or separately (for example by clapping our hands together or snapping our fingers, or by hitting our hips and our chest, or by stamping our feet to the ground) we come in contact with three very important musical terms (Pulse – Rhythm – Meter) thus cultivating our musical skills.

On a first level, Body Percussion is used in order to make people feel better by allowing them to express themselves freely.
On a second level, this method is directly related with our brain activity and helps stimulate three basic brain functions: Concentration – Attention – Memory.

Our lifestyle has significantly contributed to the development of the left hemisphere of the brain, which is the characterized as the hemisphere responsible for logic and technology, stasis and inertia, inhibitions and fear and has weakened the right hemisphere, which is the one responsible for feelings and art, creativity and rhythm, intuition and empathy, as well as for the interaction between ourselves and others.

Body Percussion is a method that helps the development of the right part of the brain. When both types of thinking are balanced, the mind achieves maximum creativity and helps people build a harmonious relationship with themselves and subsequently with others.

The classes are conducted in our facilities in groups of 8, by an experienced Musician – Theatrologist, graduate of the School of Fine Arts.