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Marita Sanguinetti MA

Marita Sanguinetti MA

Pregnancy Pilates, Yoga & Body Balance Instructor

Marita uses her own experiences as a Fine Artist, dancer and teacher to make dance accessible to everyone.

Her retreats, courses and regular classes illustrates how dance enables us to reach our potential, and illustrates that understanding gestures and expressions taken from every day movements, can be a dance towards living the life we deserve, a healthy enriched life.

Marita shows an aspect of dance and its practice that brings a balance, harmony and awareness which leads to acceptance of others and ourselves. She teaches what it means to put creativity into all parts of our lives.

As the Dancer follows the exercises demonstrated during the class, they enter a safe atmosphere where they can learn to connect deeply with themselves, others and the world we live. There are no steps to learn or anything to memorize; “the lesson is to listen to your body, as everything you need to be well is available to you through your body.

Meditation Dance focus is always on showing, in the clearest terms, that dance is a wonder for us all to enjoy, as individuals and as communities.